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Welcome to the home of Mu Yi, or 'Artistic Wood' in Chinese. We fell in love with Chinese furniture, and we wish to share our passion through our selection of beautiful and meaningful pieces. Each item tells a story; they are not just a 'pretty face'. 

History and art comes at a price I hear you say. This is where we excel: we source artful antiques at very competitive prices - in fact, the best you will find anywhere for quality Chinese furniture - both new and antique. 

We have a small showroom with some of our items on display at our retail outlet in the North of Bristol. If you would like to come and view a particular item please call in advance so we have it on display in the shop for you to view.

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We buy direct from Craftsmen in China.  They benefit because they sell direct to us and no-one takes a cut off their profit, you benefit because their standard of work is truly exceptional and their prices are truly unbelievable!

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